The 5 Best Cities to Buy or Rent Near Santa Ana, California

The 5 Best Cities to Buy or Rent Near Santa Ana, California

Looking for a city to buy or rent in near Santa Ana, California? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss the 5 best cities to buy or rent in near Santa Ana. These cities offer excellent opportunities for businesses and families alike. They have great schools, ample job opportunities, and plenty of recreational activities to keep you busy.

Santa Ana is an exciting city located in Orange County, California. It offers a vibrant culture and plenty of attractions for both visitors and locals alike. But what makes Santa Ana such an attractive place to live is that it’s surrounded by numerous cities that offer unique advantages.

If you are looking at purchasing a home or renting in or near Santa, Ana in 2023, these cities should be at the top of your list.


Irvine, CA


Population: 309,031(2021)

Median home price: $1,200,000

Average rental price: $3,950

Median income: $52,681 (USD)

Distance from Santa Ana, CA: 14 miles

Irvine, California is a vibrant city that stands out among the rest. Located in the heart of Orange County, Irvine boasts many amenities that make it an ideal place to live, work, and play. Residents enjoy easy access to great public school systems, job opportunities across various industries, and natural attractions such as the stunning San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary. With low crime rates and excellent quality of life features, Irvine is a city worth considering for anyone seeking an ideal destination in Southern California.

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Tustin, CA


Population: 80,278 (2020)

Median home price: $908,361

Average rental price: $2,460

Median income: $37,536 (2020) (USD)

Distance from Santa Ana, CA: 2.8 miles


Tustin, California is an idyllic city offering the best of both worlds: the convenience and amenities of living in a larger city while avoiding some of the hustle and bustle. Located just south of Santa Ana, Tustin provides easy access to some of Southern California's most influential cities. From trendy restaurants to hip bars, Tustin offers something for everyone. With wide streets perfect for walking, cycling or skateboarding as well as several parks, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Shopping enthusiasts are sure to appreciate Tustin's unique boutiques and specialty stores, while art lovers can explore the many galleries located throughout the city. Whether you're looking for quiet mornings or vibrant evenings out on the town, Tustin has something for all lifestyles.


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Newport Beach, CA


Population: 84,792 (2021)

Median home price: $3.08m

Average rental price: $3,647

Median income: $67,074 (2020) (USD)

Distance from Santa Ana, CA: 12.7 miles


Newport Beach, California is one of the most beautiful and desirable places to stay in the US. Located on an 8-mile stretch of Orange County's coastline, Newport Beach has been described as a playground for visitors from around the world. With an idyllic climate and miles of spectacular sandy beaches contrasted with rugged cliffs, there’s something for everyone here. Visitors to Newport Beach can enjoy anything from shopping at nearby designer boutiques to trying their luck at the dozens of fine restaurants lining the waterfront. And for those looking for a bit more adventure, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, windsurfing and sailing offer nautical thrills along with stunning views of the surrounding ocean. No matter what you’re seeking, Newport Beach will provide stunning scenery and ample rewards to those living and visiting here.


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Costa Mesa, CA


Population: 112,819 (2021)

Median home price: $940,000

Average rental price: $2,746

Median income: $41,912 (2020) (USD)

Distance from Santa Ana, CA: 8.5 miles


Costa Mesa, CA is an ideal spot for people who are looking to make the most of their living and leisure experiences. Its central Orange County location makes reaching some of the most scenic spots in Southern California convenient, while its bustling urban life is perfect for those who crave a lively atmosphere. From the rich cultural offerings at The Segerstrom Center of the Arts to world-class shopping at South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa offers endless possibilities for entertainment and exploration. Plus, with excellent schools and many networking opportunities throughout the region, residents will surely find plenty of advantages to calling Costa Mesa home.


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Huntington Beach, CA  


Population: 196,652 (2020)

Median home price: $1.2m

Average rental price: $2,714

Median income: $44,166 (2020) (USD)

Distance from Santa Ana, CA: 27 miles


Huntington Beach, California is a great place to call home. Living here has plenty of perks, from the nearby sandy beaches to well-maintained parks with ample amenities. With steady temperatures and warm weather during most of the year, this coastal city is ideal for outdoor activities such as biking, surfing and golfing. Other benefits include numerous shopping and entertainment locations and access to some of the best public schools in Orange County. Plus the close proximity to Los Angeles allows residents to take advantage of all that metropolis easily has to offer without having to battle traffic on a daily basis. Whether you’re looking for a beach playground or an urban adventure, Huntington Beach will have what you’re looking for in city life.


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Living in Cities Near Santa Ana, CA


These cities offer something unique to offer and make the perfect place to call home. Each city provides its advantages from vibrant nightlife and beaches to abundant shopping opportunities and educational systems. So whether you’re looking for an energetic urban environment or a more laid-back lifestyle, these cities near Santa Ana California are sure to provide the perfect combination of amenities and attractions for your needs. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to decide which city is right for you. But with a little bit of research, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for you and your family.

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